Tarot Card Readings for You and/or Your Pet at Ananda Citta

September 11, 2020 @ 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Ananda Citta (Enliven Salon) Tarot Card Readings
412 E. Silver Spring Drive

Hello Everyone: Michelle Boening, owner of Ananda Citta Spiritual Care will doing a Tarot Card Reading for you and/or your pet the First Friday of each month. For $20 you will receive a 15 minute reading. A really great experience.

A message from Michelle – Let us help you open yourself to hearing and understanding the messages the Universe holds for you.
Reiki uses the power of energy to address physical, emotional, and mental pain.
Intuitive readings can help you identify key steps along your journey so you can move forward with more peace and understanding for yourself and others.
Animal communication can deepen the connection you have with your pets and empower you to give them the best life possible.
Together we can cultivate a truly blissful mind.

Check out Michelle at https://www.acspiritualcare.com to schedule an appointment or email her at michelle@acspiritualcare.com