Beyond Full Spectrum

Teaching people how to Live Beyond Full Spectrum

Featured 01/2020

Beyond Full SpectrumTM was started because we believe in the potential of holistic options and presenting them to everyday people in a clean, comfortable, no pressure environment where the #1 goal is education.

The co-founders, Aleks Gerasyuta and Michelle La Count have varied backgrounds, but share this common purpose.
Aleks, who immigrated to the United States in his early teens, came from a family of doctors who had used both modern and holistic techniques in their practices, which influenced his views greatly. When he heard some of the amazing testimonials from people who were trying CBD and industrial hemp extracts shortly after CBD was made legally available in Wisconsin, he knew this was something he wanted to be a part of and began looking into opening a retail location. Aleks has always enjoyed working with patrons and gets a real sense of personal satisfaction when a customer tells him about their experiences and shares a success story.
Michelle’s first husband, Vince, was diagnosed with a grade IV malignant brain tumor in 2006 and died that same year - less than six months after they were married. He was 26. Her only regret came during the last two weeks of his life, when, in order to keep him comfortable, he had to be dosed with ever-increasing amounts of morphine. She had to be away for a short while one day and missed the last time he opened his eyes. Had CBD been legal at that time, she still wonders if that could have been used to control the pain and still allow him to remain lucid. Even if it had only meant he’d have opened his eyes one more time before the end. The fact that she was not allowed to find out because in 2006 CBD and industrial hemp remained illegal in the United States was what motivated her to open Beyond Full SpectrumTM with Aleks once it became an option in 2018. People deserve every option and to make their own choices, at least that’s how she feels.

Both Aleks and Michelle share a common vision – and that is to build a business based on honesty, integrity, and education. Industrial hemp and CBD are still in their infancy, but as pioneers in a rapidly changing industry, they hope to be part of the evolution of CBD and industrial hemp products, making well-formulated products available to everyday people, meeting everyday challenges in an environment that is warm and inviting. Bottom line, they want to teach people how to Live Beyond Full SpectrumTM!

Schwanke-Kasten Jewelers

Since 1899

Featured 12/2019

Schwanke-Kasten Jewelers has been Milwaukee’s leading jewelry store in Southeastern Wisconsin since 1899. As a proud Whitefish Bay business for over 60+ years, we have enjoyed serving generations of families and friends from the neighborhood and surrounding areas as they commemorate life’s special occasions.

Throughout the 120+ years we have been in business, we have sold everything from Faberge to sterling silverware sets for the U.S.S. Wisconsin Silver Carnation. You can trust in our collective knowledge of quality, style and value of our jewelry and fine-timepieces that we currently carry in our store.

Being a proud fourth-generation family owned and operated business, we understand the importance of marking these special moments with jewelry that is as unique and beautiful as these events. Whether that be a St. Christopher medal for a child getting their driver’s license, a fine timepiece to celebrate a promotion or a beautiful piece of jewelry to mark another year around the sun with that special someone. Additionally, we have had the privileged of servicing family heirloom jewelry and watches as they are passed down through the generations. We pride ourselves on our commitment to service and want you to be able to wear and enjoy them as if they were purchased yesterday. To support this commitment, we have a full-time watchmaker, a Rolex authorized service center, a full-time goldsmith, an engraver, gemologist and an appraiser to service your many jewelry needs.

Stop by our Silver Spring location or shop online, and never settle for ordinary.

High Brow Boutique


Featured 11/2019

High Brow Boutique sets the standard of excellence in esthetics! This award-winning boutique recently expanded, doubling its space and expanding their staff!
With prestigious awards from Milwaukee Magazine and WISN A-List as Milwaukee’s Best Esthetician as well as Best Facial and Best Wax, High Brow knew it was time to raise the bar for 2020! Stefanie Corbett, owner of High Brow says, “We’ve added so many new amazing services and products that we’re proud to stand behind. We can’t wait for our community to experience all that we offer now and in the coming new year! With nearly 10 years in Whitefish Bay, we’re always looking for the next big treatment for our clients. We never stop growing or learning!”

“At High Brow, our values go beyond offering the best services and product around. We’re a family and we consider our community and clients family too! We firmly believe in giving back and supporting our community in every way we can, paying it forward as often as possible. We love to donate our time and love to support Whitefish Bay and Milwaukee throughout the year.

When choosing High Brow you not only make yourself a priority but you make your community a priority too.

Refresh Aesthetic Center

Skin * Essentials * Store

Featured 10/2019

Merchants of Whitefish Bay Business Focus: ReFresh Aesthetic Center™

ReFresh Aesthetic Center™ is a tranquil destination nestled in Whitefish Bay, where the synergy of expertise, artistry, and science offer clients the ultimate in rejuvenation.

In December of 2010, when Dawn Sagrillo was faced with a ‘fork in the road’ decision about the future of her aesthetic nursing career, she decided to follow her heart and passion and take a step of faith. She founded ReFresh Aesthetic Center™ in April of 2011, with the support and dedication of a small team of six, including her husband and general manager, Jon. All of these team members remain part of the ReFresh family today.

Dawn Sagrillo’s synergy of aesthetic knowledge, more than 25 years of experience, and passion for her clients led her to growing ReFresh Aesthetic Center™ and its team of 20, to what it is today. In. fact, most of the ReFresh team reside in Whitefish Bay and the Northshore area. Dawn and Jon believe in supporting small businesses and have remained an active part of The Merchants of Whitefish Bay for over eight years. They also value the importance of giving back through ongoing support of both local and international charities, non-profit organizations and local school fundraising events.
Dawn and her aesthetic team believe a gentle touch, attention to detail, and aesthetic eye are essential to providing beautiful and natural results. Their practice name is rooted in Dawn’s philosophy of care: simply giving women and men a ReFreshed look and feel. Understanding the blending of art and science in facial aesthetics has given ReFresh Aesthetic Center™ a reputation that is known and respected locally and nationally, by both their clients and peers.
“The ReFresh Aesthetic Center™ mission is simple. Our clinical team aims to provide individualized, safe, and superior client outcomes in non-surgical aesthetics.”

This drive for excellence motivates the ReFresh team in everything they do, from injectables and lasers to body sculpting and clinical skin care. Each aspect of their practice—from the providers, aesthetic team, administrative team, and management team—work collaboratively

Breadsmith of Whitefish Bay

Hand Made. Hearth Baked.

Featured 09/2019

Four simple ingredients – flour, water, salt and yeast.
When combined together and shaped by hand using time-honored techniques, and baked in an Italian hearth stone oven, these simple ingredients are transformed into a true work of art!
Nestled in the heart of downtown Whitefish Bay, Breadsmith offers a wide assortment of made from scratch artisan breads and sweets. Each of the neighborhood bakery’s fresh from the oven loaves, rolls and buns feature only the highest quality ingredients, without additives or preservatives. Breadsmith’s flour is specially milled for the bakery and is ideal for artisan bread making.
Breadsmith specializes in crusty, European-style loaves such as French, Rustic Italian and Ciabatta as well as a wide range of specialty and dessert breads made from your favorite herbs, spices, fruits, and nuts. Its locally customized menu features more than a dozen different breads each day, with classics such as Sourdough, Traditional Rye and 100% Whole Wheat offered along with a wide array of flavorful coffee cakes, muffins, cookies and scones.
For more than 20 years, Breadsmith of Whitefish Bay has actively supported the community it serves. At the end of each day, the bakery’s unsold bread is donated to local non-profit organizations and soup kitchens to benefit those in need. Breadsmith also supports local schools, churches and other organizations with community fundraisers and special events.
Breadsmith bakeries can currently be found in 17 states, but the company proudly considers Whitefish Bay its home. Its franchising office is located across the street on Silver Spring Drive in the Berkeley Building, and new franchise owners spend significant time in Whitefish Bay learning traditional artisan bread making techniques.
See for yourself why Breadsmith is so special. Stop in to enjoy the sights, sounds and oh-so-memorable smells of an active neighborhood bakery, while enjoying a complimentary sample of that day’s featured breads. You’re also encouraged to join the bakery’s email club to receive exclusive offers, monthly updates and special recipes.

Boutique Photographer

Photographing People at Work, Play & in Love

Featured 08/2019

Linda is a photographer people seek out when looking for that extra something special in their photographs. She excelled early in her career capturing people in a candid way, thriving on the positive energy around her. Her art school years contributed to her sense of composition and craftsmanship. As a second-generation photographer, Linda loved to watch her father work in the darkroom growing up. Early in the film era, she hand-processed black and white film and fine art prints. Since 1991, Linda has solidified her place in the wedding photography business, with a reputation as one of the most sought after in the region. Technology has changed quite a bit since the film era, and Linda is always on top of the latest advances in image quality, possibilities of tethered capture and digital fine art printing.

What makes her photographer's lifestyle so rewarding is the knowledge you’re not only providing something special, you’re there for a very special reason! Every time she goes to work there is an important occasion and Linda never loses sight of the appreciation her role plays. She recently photographed a 50th wedding anniversary of a couple who had no professional photos from their actual wedding day. As a gift to the couple, their daughter gave them photography for their anniversary party. Linda’s business is filled with stories of giving not only a product but an experience to people. She brings this energy to the photoshoot too; Even with some of her most reluctant subjects, Linda is able to find great expressions by making the experience a positive one.

Whitefish Bay has been home to Boutique Photographer's studio for eight years on the second floor of the Winkie’s building perched over Silver Spring Dr. This community has been a family and business hub where Linda has less than a five-minute walking commute. There is also the daily occurrence of running into many clients in the neighborhood, some of whose weddings she photographed over twenty years ago.

Residences of Whitefish Bay can see her work as a monthly photography contributor to the Bay Leaves magazine. Linda has held this role for over seven years and enjoys the new adventure each month’s feature family brings. Some of the families have never experienced professional photography before and it can be a great opportunity to make some new friends in the neighborhood!

Commercial and editorial photography has been the largest area of growth for Linda’s business. After a long career of helping real people feel comfortable in front of the camera and an ambitious commitment to professional techniques and lighting, Linda’s hit her stride putting those skills together for magazine quality branding photography. Amongst her Milwaukee clients, Linda photographs several local businesses including Barden Orthodontics, Knifey subscription knife service, WFA Asset Management, Essam Elsafy Team, Trouble & Son’s Pizzeria, Refresh Aesthetic Center as well as several individual professionals headshots and brand images like Andrea and Tony Murdock of Murdock Law, and Carrie Lucke of For What it’s Worth LLC.

Milwaukee Magazine has also selected Linda for the last three years as their photographer for their Faces of Milwaukee issues. Linda photographed businesses, the tops in their fields, with forty plus full-page images published in the magazine. Linda built growing relationships with some of the Faces of Milwaukee that are Whitefish Bay businesses including Fringe Home Furnishings, and the Keller Williams - Stalle Group.

If you’d like to contact Linda, she can be reached at

Stalle' Realty Group of Keller Williams

A Family Affair - how a love of family blossomed into Milwaukee's premier real estate group.

Featured 07/2019

As Seen In O, The Oprah Magazine, Entrepreneur & Fortune
How a love of family blossomed into Milwaukee’s premier real estate group.

In 2013, top-earning Milwaukee Realtor® Maureen Stallé was at a crossroads. She could keep doing what she’d been doing, brilliantly, for the past 15 years: bringing people and homes together in some of Cream City’s most desirable neighborhoods. Or she could take a leap of faith, leave the company she’d been with for years, and start something new, fresh, and uniquely Stallé.

“I wanted to work with my family,” Stallé recalls today, “but more than that, I was looking for an opportunity to make a bigger impact. I grew up in an awesome household with 13 siblings. Our parents expected a lot from us, and we’re all pretty driven. I had a feeling that working together we could create something incredible.”
Stallé, her husband, Rick Stallé, her son, Will Stallé, and her sister, Martha Olla, set up shop at the dining room table, started making calls, and made the change to bring Keller Williams Realty to Milwaukee.

Fast-forward to 2019 and Keller Williams Realty boasts five offices throughout the Milwaukee area and is the fastest-growing real estate company in the city. What Stallé envisioned as a streamlined, “boutique” family business is now 300 agents strong and growing. In addition to growing and running the Keller Williams brokerage in Milwaukee, she and her sister have a successful sales team, The Stallé Realty Group. The team, with Keller Williams, specializes in high-end homes along Milwaukee’s magnificent North Shore, luxe Lake Country properties, and homes in every price range throughout the area.

The Stallé Realty Group is at the forefront of the industry, widely renowned for a deep and nuanced knowledge of this city and surrounding areas, expert negotiating skills, and for getting clients settled in their new homes quickly. There’s no substitute for feet-on-ground experience; over many years of successful transactions, Stallé agents have perfected the systems and strategies necessary to guide buyers and sellers carefully through their real estate journey. Sales in 2018 totaled $60 million.
From the very first meeting with a client to the signing of the last form and the handing over of keys, Stallé Realtors® are trained to listen closely and carefully to their clients’ wishes and concerns and to stay one step ahead of their needs. Attention to detail is unparalleled, as is a spirit of respect and caring.

Today, Stallé has eight family members working with her at the Keller Williams brokerage in Milwaukee.
“I knew it would be fun to work together,” says Stallé, “but the fact that so many of us are related has turned out to be a huge part of our success. Instead of being competitive, everybody’s on board for each other, working together. This might be a different style of business, but it works for us—and for our clients, too.”
“Buying and selling real estate can be enormously stressful. Many of our clients are moving to this area for the first time and need someone to guide them to the perfect home. My family and I are lifelong residents of Milwaukee. We know every neighborhood—the schools, the history, the character. Helping our clients fall in love with this gem of a city is an honor and a passion.”
—Maureen Stallé, Founder Stallé Realty Group

Yellow Wood

Ensuring your comfortable adventure. Elevating your everyday.

Featured 06/2019

Yellow Wood
By: Sarah Kohen
Something amazing just happened. A lovely couple walks into a store and the woman is on a hunt for a waterproof item for an upcoming trip to the UK. The store owner carefully listens to what she’d like out of her garment. After trying on four different pieces, she’s impressed, but unsure which, among her favorites, is the right fit. The shop owner suggests, “Why not buy the piece on your trip? There’s something magical about creating that memory.” The couple looks at each other – perhaps a bit taken aback that he suggested making their purchase outside of the confines of the store’s four walls – and agrees that’s a great idea, but they’re one for preparedness. The three deliberate just a little bit longer and the woman proudly selects a beautiful jacket after learning that she can purchase jacket accessories at the brand’s flagship store on their holiday.

Hello, our name is Yellow Wood.

This is what we’re all about. Ensuring your comfortable adventure. Elevating your everyday.

We’re locally-owned and deeply passionate about adventure, the environment, our community and happiness. For us, the shop – and we use that diction carefully - itself is secondary. Our primary goal is to further strengthen the fabric of our vibrant and gorgeous community. The shop is simply a channel through which we can bring together like minds, curious minds, open minds, adventurous minds, neighbors, travelers and the like. We love being a place where friends drop in with their dogs, first dates are experienced for area (elementary school) students, young enthusiasts and gear geeks come for an education – or a first job – and memories are made.

Intrinsic in our culture is the desire to provide superior service and sustainably-produced, socially-conscious, high-quality, high-value, unique products that aren’t built just the for once-in-a-lifetime vacations, the virtuous journey or the adrenaline-inducing adventure trip, but for comfortably walking your dog around the block in sub-zero temperatures, for enjoying a romantic stroll through our County’s Emerald Necklace or for lounging by the fire at home with good conversation and great friends.

When you reach two roads diverged in a yellow wood, take the one less traveled. We’ll be alongside you for the journey.

Fringe Home Furnishings

Our Passion is Design. Our Goal is Happy Customers

Featured 05/2019

We want to make sure you find exactly what you’re looking for at a price that works within your budget. Customization in fabric or leather, size and comfort are our specialty. Well help you select furniture that fits your taste and your lifestyle.

Luxury is in the details! Fringe offers distinctive pieces not found in other stores. If you don’t see it in the store, we will search further to find that perfect piece for your lifestyle.

We will assist with space planning, paint color, area rug and accessory selection. Purchase furniture at Fringe and consultations becomes complimentary.

Custom doesn’t have to be at a custom price! Our in-store design center allows us to work closely with you in selecting the type of treatment that works perfectly in your space. Together we’ll select fabrics and finishes for draperies, shades or blinds that fit your style and needs. From there, our local workroom provides hassle free measurements, fabrication and installation.

We offer hundreds of samples you can actually touch and feel. Additional designs, colors and sizes are also available for you to see before you order, allowing you to make a confident decision.

Create a bedroom of your dreams! Refresh your room quickly by selecting from one of our many unique bedding sets or choose to go custom.

Our gift cards are available in any amount and allows that lucky person to choose something that they love and that works perfect with their décor.

While purchasing furniture, our design consultation fees are complimentary.*. If you feel you need design consulting outside the scope of purchasing furniture, we’re happy to accommodate you at an hourly rate.**. Also, if after our presentation you feel suited to purchase elsewhere, we will have kept track of our hours to bill accordingly. Check with your designer for the current rate.

*extensive planning, paint selections and/or design layouts for multiple room or home may incur a design fee.
**for example, if you’re shopping elsewhere, we will be happy to lend our opinion applying our hourly rate. A one hour minimum applies to each consultation.

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Xersize Fits

Mark Small, MS. Health Education and Personal Trainer

Featured 04/2019

I guess it is best to start with the question that we are most often asked: “What makes your exercise and health training services superior to the others?”

Our success probably boils down to our philosophy of health, fitness, movement and living in this ever-changing world. Life and movement are magical. The human body is amazing in all that we can do and continue to do. Working from that premise, we design our sessions with the concept of physical fluidity; that exercise and movement are our expression and pathway to grow and learn about ourselves.

To translate that into a working model, “what makes us superior?” We aim to provide the best training available on all levels, so that our clients get the results that they are looking for. Moreover, intricately, we work to examine and discover “what works best for our client”, both short term and long term. We strive to be certain that the information that we are discussing, referencing and implementing is the best for our client at the time.

Personal training and health education are two fluid and dynamic schools of learning infused with and supported by the scientific community. With Xersize Fits, science guides the decisions that are made for each client. There is no “cookie-cutter” program that fits everyone. By remaining independent and research oriented, your ache, your pain, your “it hurts when I do this” comment is received and examined through the perspective of “what can we do to make your body operate more smoothly and as painlessly as possible, while obeying the tenets of science.” We rely on the up-to-date scientific literature, not the fads and the glossy ads.

So, “what makes us superior?”

As an independent health educator and personal training company, we provide service, care and interventions that work at getting you ready physically and mentally for today. We rely on a very strong science background and almost 30 years of experience that supports the directions and decisions we make. We are not afraid to modify and change the direction, to try something different if PLAN A is not working. We work with our clients to problem solve situations and design ways that help you succeed.

Our clients come to XERSIZE FITS for education, direction, and accountability. Our clients come to XERSIZE FITS to experience the development and implementation of a scientific and sound exercise and health program that will improve the quality of their life. Contact Mark at

They come for a new breath of life. At Xersize Fits, that is what we do to be Superior


Functional Flexibility and Rehabilitation Clinic

Featured 03/2019

“Move better, feel better, perform better.” That is the motto of StretchXperience says Steve Mills, owner and founder of the functional flexibility and rehabilitation clinic that recently moved across Silver Spring Dr. into a beautiful new clinic space above Winkie’s after five years on Lake Drive.

Steve previously owned and operated several successful fitness studios in southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. During that time, he recognized that clients were often in need of functional flexibility training that couldn’t be met by the current fitness and healthcare system. In 2013 Steve developed a whole-body flexibility program and trained up his practitioners to deliver effective, customized programs to clients, and thus StretchXperience was born! In the process he also developed several proprietary pieces of stabilizing equipment to improve the stretching experience for practitioners and clients.

Since its inception in 2013, StretchXperience has grown to an additional location in Winnetka, IL and has added new programs to meet the needs of their clients.

“The goal of StretchXperience is to provide quality functional flexibility training across a wide spectrum of clients. We have some something for everyone from people in injury recovery, to highly trained athletes.” says Steve.

StretchXperience’s programs focus on improving functional flexibility which they define as, “the ability of the body to easily and safely adapt to changing movement demands placed upon it.” Their philosophy is that functional flexibility training improves health and wellness by improving performance of daily activities, allowing people to maintain or increase their physical activity level, improve sport performance and realize the associated benefits of an active lifestyle.

“We focus our programs on functional flexibility to help bridge the gap between medical care such as Physical Therapy and exercising comfortably on your own.” says Dr. Susan Wilbanks, director of programming at StretchXperience.

“Over time we have expanded our programs to include physical rehabilitation when we saw clients getting stuck between injury recovery and returning to full function. We also recognize the importance of maintenance via corrective exercises and regular stretching, so we offer 30 and 45-minute maintenance programs which are very popular.”

StretchXperience’s practitioners are all trained in Physical Therapy or Athletic Training (Athletic Trainers are healthcare professionals who specialize in injury prevention and rehabilitation for active populations). Practitioners also go through 50+ hours of training in the StretchXperience method.

When asked what the future holds for StretchXperience, Steve and Susan say that new programs are in development for sport-specific training, and they will continue to make changes to existing programs to provide clients with the best possible care.

If you haven’t had a chance to visit StretchXperience, you can learn more on their website at They would love to have the chance to meet you and learn how they can partner with you to reach your goals.

Thiet Jewelers

Built on Love, Family and Diamonds

Featured 02/2019

When asked how she chooses the jewels to put on display, Darcie Thiet responded, “I look for the things that I think are beautiful.” Thiet Jewelers have been open for 73 years, changing in appearance every few decades, and even once in location, but never in spirit. Erv and Pearl Thiet opened their jewelry store in 1940, and ever since the business has been family owned. Now on it’s third generation, Darcie and her two brothers, Drew and David, run the store. David, the goldsmith, resets stones and repairs jewelry, and Drew is a gemologist who selects only the best stones for their jewelry. Each sibling has their own area of expertise-Darcie calls herself the “jack of all trades” because she does most of the buying and display. It is clear by their unique skills that the Thiet family is perfectly taylored for the jewelry business.

It’s no surprise that the jewelry store has such a loyal and constantly growing client-base. Customers are usually recommended by a neighbor or friend to visit Thiet for a repair or simply because they “want to perk up their day with a new pair of earrings” due to a wide selection of pieces, as well as outstanding customer service. Their St. Christopher's, as well as their second-hand pieces are also in high demand and make amazing gifts. Thiet’s second-hand estate jewelry sets the store apart from others because each piece is “unique, old, and has been well loved.” Darcie stated somewhat dreamily that selling older pieces gives them “a chance to be recycled into a new life.”

Overall, the beautiful stones and great customer service make everyone feel at home as soon as they walk in the door at Thiet Jewelers. Customers who have been loyal to the store for generations, as well as first-time shoppers, are welcomed and encouraged to bring in pieces they find at estate sales, or any bracelet, ring, necklace, earring, or heirloom that needs a bit of sprucing up. If you haven’t had the chance to meet the Thiets or visit their store, you are missing out on a lovely business that sells unique, gorgeous jewelry. In February, the store will be celebrating its 74th anniversary with an anniversary sale for the ages, but Darcie, David, and Drew are always ready to welcome another client to the beautiful tradition that is Thiet Jewelers.

The Fox Bay Cinema & Grill

A Classic Theater

Featured 04/2018

Article written by: Kate Fetterley and Olivia Maillet, WFBHS Tower Times

“Classic”. When asked how he would describe the Fox Bay Cinema and
Grill, owner Roman Kelly answered with this simple word. The Cinema first made it’s Whitefish Bay debut in 1951, and ever since has become a local favorite for anyone looking to have a good time at the movies.

Seven months ago, Mr. Kelly found himself between jobs when a good friend suggested purchasing a nearby business for sale. Having lived in Wisconsin his whole life and in Milwaukee for the past 20 years, Roman has a deeper connection than most to the local community. From the beginning, it was clear
to him that the Fox Bay Cinema would be the perfect investment for him. Today, Roman finds himself learning something new about Whitefish Bay and his theater everyday, whether it be from the families that pass through his door or the movies that they come to watch.

In his mind, Mr. Kelly believes that Fox Bay is a great choice for any movie customer thanks to its traditional aspect and close proximity to all corners of Whitefish Bay, and many residents can agree. Roman and the Fox Bay Cinema staff also take pride in knowing many of the cinemas regular customers by only their orders and movie selections. The Fox Bay Cinema has movies that attract people of all ages and preferences. When it comes to picking them, Mr. Kelly states that he strives to “find the right [movie] to draw people in,” and so far in his ownership of the cinema, he has been successful and gained a greater understanding of the theater business.

In the future, Roman looks forward to improving the theater experience for all viewers while still keeping in touch with the unique character that has set the Fox Bay Cinema and Grill apart from the rest for the past six decades. If there were any changes to be made, movie-goers can expect to see some new menu items in the coming months. As of right now, Roman Kelly is focused on making the Fox Bay Cinema and Grill the best it has ever been.


New Salon on the Block

Featured 03/2018

Enliven - New Salon on the Block
By Kate Fetterley and Olivia Maillet

Enliven is a new salon, boutique, spa, and art gallery. In it’s
short life, Enliven has already been the recipient of the Best New Business Award— presented to them by the Merchants of Whitefish Bay. Notably, the business also strives to “make every haircut a great job,” and treats their clients with as much care and respect as possible.

When they first met three years ago, Tracy Sterning and Jamie Lynn Fritsch had no idea that their friendship would one day blossom into a business. After working together for several years at a larger salon, the pair decided it was time to open their own salon. The choice to partner was an easy one, for the women already had a clear connection and dynamic relationship. Tracy initially discovered her love for skin care working at the makeup counter of a mall several years ago and has since begun a career in spa treatments. Jamie Lynn has traveled the world perfecting her techniques as a hair stylist and has an artistic eye.

From the start, Tracy and Jamie knew that their business would have to meet certain criteria. First and foremost, their business would have to be as good for the environment as it’s owners strive to be. To reduce waste, everything down to the leftover drops of hair color, is recycled. The hair color can be mixed to make renewable energy, and the wax used in the candles that Tracy makes herself comes from American farms—you can find them in the front of the store. Another crucial factor that Jamie and Tracy focused on when it came to creating Enliven was their art gallery. At first, artists from New York sent in their pieces to be sold, but soon the owners turned to local artists for their gallery. Today, they offer only local pieces, each one unique in it’s own way. Finally, the duo needed employees and found no better place to look than their old workplace. As they were searching for the perfect employees, they began to seek out people who shared their values of quality and sustainability and who are “ passionate about their work… know current trends, and are educated in styling and spa techniques.”

As for the location, Tracy reports that she and Jamie Lynn wanted to put their salon in a “community that cares”, and be able to give back to it. Jamie and Tracy have certainly been able to give back to the community and environment by offering high quality hair cuts, art, and spa needs while staying sustainable and local. To future clients, they want to say that they simply want everyone who comes through their doors to feel welcome and leave feeling good, and so far they seem to have been able to do just that.