Fresh Coast Dance

“We are born to dance. Dancing changes the way we feel and think and boosts our self esteem. It’s a story older than civilization, one that predates language.” — Dr. Peter Lovatt

After the past year, we all need to move our body, dance and make a fresh start again.

The Fresh Coast Dance mission is to help dancers become the best versions of themselves on the dance floor and off by discovering and unleashing the gift of movement. In doing so, dancers will increase skill, boost confidence and elevate mental, emotional and physical health.

Owner and dance instructor Jess Cigelske has been a competitive and recreational dancer for more than 35 years. Starting in a technique-intensive dance team, she had her first solo at age 6 and has competed in several competitions across the country. She has instructed kids and teens of all ages at multiple dance studios in the greater Milwaukee area. Today, she is a mom of two dancers and is realizing her dream of opening her own studio to serve families in her community.

Fresh Coast Dance
121 E. Silver Spring Dr., Suite 102
Phone: 414-840-4275