Lisa A. Bangert, Attorney at Law, LLC

When the foundation of your life – your family – is in legal crisis, rely on a lawyer you can trust to help rebuild it with civility and advocacy. When you suffer an injury in the workplace, trust a lawyer who knows the claims and options available to you. When accidents happen, trust a lawyer who has success across the state in obtaining fair and timely compensation for your pain and suffering. Contact me – Lisa Bangert

Lisa A. Bangert, Attorney at Law, LLC
127 E. Silver Spring Dr., Ste. 200, Whitefish Bay, WI 53217
Phone: (414) 375-0616
The mission of the Merchants of Whitefish Bay is to champion the Whitefish Bay Business Improvement District as an exceptional place to shop, live, and conduct business – for individuals, families, and visitors.
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