Open for Business

Between June 1 and November 30, 2020, the District hosted 174.6K customers who made 864.9K visits.
Residents have degrees at more than twice the rate of Milwaukee County and Wisconsin as a whole
The Median Household income is $111,069 whereas Wisconsin's is $56,759
7,175 people in the
WFB civilian labor force

The Workforce in Whitefish Bay

The village workforce primarily works outside the community. Nearly 1/3 of employed residents work in educational services, healthcare, or social assistance.

74% of those age 25 and older in Whitefish Bay have bachelor’s or master’s degrees. The education level and implied disposable income are notable given Placer cited that roughly two-thirds of the District’s customer base travels to the District to and from home, predominantly east of the interstate from the East Side of Milwaukee north to Fox Point.

Downtown Incentive Grant PrograM
On Hiatus - Summer 2023

The Village of Whitefish Bay’s Community Development Authority (CDA) provides financial incentives on a competitive and discretionary basis to business and property owners with exceptional projects that further the vision and mission of the Silver Spring Drive Business District. The primary objective of the grant program is to contribute to projects that otherwise may not occur and achieve one or more of the following:
  • Create engaging spaces, encourage social spaces, and promote pedestrian activity through upgrades to storefronts, façades, and streetscape features.
  • Attract new businesses and encourage business development that improve the district’s retail mix and commercial density through building expansions or interior renovations.
This discretionary grant program offers up to a 50% reimbursement for eligible improvements that incentivize private sector investments. The minimum project budget is $20,000. Eligible projects must be located within the investment focus area.
Contact the Village Manager’s office and schedule an appointment to learn more about the program and discuss your project’s eligibility: 414-962-6690

Available Spaces