Music Together North Shore

Children all over the world are finding the rhythm and singing on pitch to the tune of Music Together! Since 1987, this research-based curriculum for young children has brought joy into the homes of millions of families. Now you can access this outstanding curriculum right here in Whitefish Bay with Ms. Kristen! Music Together North Shore offers both Mixed Ages classes, for children ages 0-5 and an adult and Rhythm Kids, for children ages 4-8 with or without an adult. The classes are hands-on, high energy and FUN, with a focus on helping children fully appreciate music, repeat pitch, find rhythm and grow in creativity and confidence! This basic level of music competence is the springboard for success in future formal musical instruction.

And perhaps just as important as the educational benefits of Music Together are the social benefits. Music Together is a great way to meet like-minded families who can become your support system as your children grow together. During our 45 minutes together each week, parents/caregivers are busy leading by example for their children. But once you have been crawling around acting silly with a group of grown-ups, it’s hard not to make friends. Raising children is hard work – especially when you’re new, and haven’t developed “your village.” While you’re crawling around in class, or gracefully swaying your scarf through the air, look around: These are your people. Grab a coffee at one of our neighbors on Silver Spring Drive and get to know your community.

Music Together North Shore
623 E. Silver Spring Drive
Phone: 414-213-7081
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