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Boutique Photographer

Photographing People at Work, Play & in Love
Featured 08/2019

Linda is a photographer people seek out when looking for that extra something special in their photographs. She excelled early in her career capturing people in a candid way, thriving on the positive energy around her. Her art school years contributed to her sense of composition and craftsmanship. As a second-generation photographer, Linda loved to watch her father work in the darkroom growing up. Early in the film era, she hand-processed black and white film and fine art prints. Since 1991, Linda has solidified her place in the wedding photography business, with a reputation as one of the most sought after in the region. Technology has changed quite a bit since the film era, and Linda is always on top of the latest advances in image quality, possibilities of tethered capture and digital fine art printing.

What makes her photographer's lifestyle so rewarding is the knowledge you’re not only providing something special, you’re there for a very special reason! Every time she goes to work there is an important occasion and Linda never loses sight of the appreciation her role plays. She recently photographed a 50th wedding anniversary of a couple who had no professional photos from their actual wedding day. As a gift to the couple, their daughter gave them photography for their anniversary party. Linda’s business is filled with stories of giving not only a product but an experience to people. She brings this energy to the photoshoot too; Even with some of her most reluctant subjects, Linda is able to find great expressions by making the experience a positive one.

Whitefish Bay has been home to Boutique Photographer's studio for eight years on the second floor of the Winkie’s building perched over Silver Spring Dr. This community has been a family and business hub where Linda has less than a five-minute walking commute. There is also the daily occurrence of running into many clients in the neighborhood, some of whose weddings she photographed over twenty years ago.

Residences of Whitefish Bay can see her work as a monthly photography contributor to the Bay Leaves magazine. Linda has held this role for over seven years and enjoys the new adventure each month’s feature family brings. Some of the families have never experienced professional photography before and it can be a great opportunity to make some new friends in the neighborhood!

Commercial and editorial photography has been the largest area of growth for Linda’s business. After a long career of helping real people feel comfortable in front of the camera and an ambitious commitment to professional techniques and lighting, Linda’s hit her stride putting those skills together for magazine quality branding photography. Amongst her Milwaukee clients, Linda photographs several local businesses including Barden Orthodontics, Knifey subscription knife service, WFA Asset Management, Essam Elsafy Team, Trouble & Son’s Pizzeria, Refresh Aesthetic Center as well as several individual professionals headshots and brand images like Andrea and Tony Murdock of Murdock Law, and Carrie Lucke of For What it’s Worth LLC.

Milwaukee Magazine has also selected Linda for the last three years as their photographer for their Faces of Milwaukee issues. Linda photographed businesses, the tops in their fields, with forty plus full-page images published in the magazine. Linda built growing relationships with some of the Faces of Milwaukee that are Whitefish Bay businesses including Fringe Home Furnishings, and the Keller Williams – Stalle Group.

If you’d like to contact Linda, she can be reached at www.boutiquephotographer.com