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Salon – Spa – Boutique
Featured 02/2020

Enliven is a full-service salon and spa at its core, but it is so much more than that. Enliven is a unique concept in the Whitefish Bay community. When Jamie Lynn started Enliven, she really wanted to bring something new to the community that the residents would find engaging and different. Enliven was conceptualized as a multifaceted salon and spa with an attached art gallery and boutique. The truly unique approach at Enliven is that we are a collection of small businesses all operating under one roof. What this means is that while collectively we are a salon and spa, individually we are ten micro salons divided into suites. This allows us to offer the fullest range of services! Whether it's one of our seven hair stylists, two estheticians, our massage therapist, or our manicurist, you are sure to find the right fit for you at enliven from a service perspective. And, if that isn't what you are looking for, we have the most unique boutique and gallery for your perusal as well.

Perhaps one of the more interesting aspects of what we do at Enliven is our commitment to a self-sustaining model. Did you know that we have our own made-in-house line of nail and skin care products that we use in services, or that currently we are developing our very own line of hair products for services and home use as well? We are using only the most carefully sourced natural ingredients in our products, and we take pride in the level of performance that we have been able to achieve. It's so much better when you know that what you put on your skin and hair is healthful. Our in house product lines are just one of the many ways that we are able to take small business to another level. Currently, we are working on ways of taking sustainability to new heights. One of the more unique initiatives that we are taking right now is starting a tea garden, which will come from our very own hanging garden. We are planning to use this garden to provide tea for clients, and it will be fully made-in-house. It will start with our own composting efforts, in which we will be using everything that we use for services including bottles, hair, and other paper product substitutes. We only carry outside product lines like Kevin Murphy that are fully recyclable and compostable for this reason. We aim to be our community's pioneer as a fully recyclable and sustainable salon and spa. Who wouldn't want to try that out?

Lead by Jamie Lynn, and supported by our ten small entrepreneurial small business owners, our goal at Enliven is not only to provide a superior salon and spa experience, but also to get involved in our vibrant community. We have therefore created a storefront that features a rotating selection of products from local artists and artisans, and the salon and spa also incorporates smaller production lines into its service offerings. We take great pride in curating our gallery with artists from our local area, thereby supporting small business in Milwaukee and our surrounding communities. We love to really connect with our guests, and support their interests as well, and this is why we open our doors during our off hours for community service, and also provide our space for our clients to host events. We believe that by doing little things like this, we can all contribute to the energy of our community. Enliven really is a special place that has to be seen to really understand the magic and possibility that it houses. So, if you have not yet stopped, or have not been in a while, come check us out, we guarantee we have something for you.

Website/booking: enlivenwhitefishbay.com
Phone Number: 414.763.5413

Service providers & contact info:

JAMIE LYNN FRITSCH | RENEWAL BY JAMIE LYNN | 608.333.3366,MEGHAN EK | MOE | 262.443.7922, KARRI FINCO | HAIR BY KARRI ELLEN | 262.384.0808, JAMES KADDATZ | ST JAMES PLACE | 414.271.3134, BECKY VOLTOLINA | HAIR BY BECKY | , 262.794.2813, JESSICA BRADWAY | MASSAGE | 414.758.4643, MINDIE FEIST | ETE ESTHETICS | 262.271.1324, TAMMY AUSTRUP | SPRUCE SPA | 262.327.4403, MELANIE GILMORE | HAIR BY MELANIE | 414.617.3770307, K A T H Y A L B R I G H T | THE STYLIST. | 4 1 4.5 1 0.4 3 2 8, NATHAN RADER | ABSURD NAIL SHOP | 307.264.9785